How to Add Adsense Ads Below Post Title in Blogger - 2017

Ads placement on a blog is one of the crucial factors that affects the revenue. From a long time, most of the bloggers have trusted Adsense and it's one of the most trusted CPC Advertising programs.

On Adsense, bloggers are paid on Cost Per Click (CPC) basis and that's why It's really important to have some best ad placements on your blog. Adsense Below Post Title is one of the best technique to place ads as post title gets some exposure always rather than the header, sidebar or footer.

In this Post, I am going to show you "How to Place Adsense Ads Below Post Title in Blogger". For WordPress, there are a lot of plugins to do this task and on blogger, the only way to do it is by manual coding in the HTML of blogger template.

Add Adsense below post title blogger

I will show you the procedure of adding AdSense ads after the post as well in blogger. You just have to follow the steps. Alright! Let's Start.

Getting Started - Create Ad Unit for Below Post Title in Blogger

Log in to your AdSense account and create an Ad Unit (If not already). The recommended size is 336 x 280 (Large Rectangle) as it covers a wide area.

Creating Ad Unit in Adsense

Now, Feel free to customize this ad to match your template's color scheme and styles. After that Click on get code, and copy all the codes.

Now, you will have to parse the HTML ad code to XML as blogger template won't accept the direct ad code.

Us this HTML - XML Parser to convert your HTML code into XML. Put your ad code in the 1st box and the parsed code will appear in the second box automatically. Copy it and paste it in notepad for future use.

Put Adsense Ads Before / After Post in Blogger

Login to Blogger Dashboard, Select your blog from the dropdown menu
Click on Template > Edit HTML.
Click anywhere in the HTML Box and search for below piece of code using Ctrl + F Keys. (Use Cmd+F for Mac).


After putting the code in code in the search box, press Enter and you will be jumped to the code. You may find this code 2 or even three times and you have to work with the last found code. In case it's 2 or 3, work with the last one.

Just above the code, Copy-paste the below lines of code.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<div align="center">



The default code is for centralized ads. To show left or right aligned ads, replace the value 'center' with 'left' or 'right'.

 Now, Save Template. That's all and your ads must be live on your blog.

So, this is how you can place ads below post title and after post content on your blogger blog. Feel free to experiment with the placement of the ad with above the fold, header, sidebar and in the post area too.

Till then there's not any perfect way to show ads in the middle of the blogger posts automatically but you can do it manually in every post. Very soon, I will post a tutorial on Adding Adsense Ads Middle in the Blogger posts too.

Let me know If you are facing any errors while working on this tutorial. Comment below and I will be there to assist you all the time. Feel free to share this awesome guide with your blogger buddies and let them know How can they add Adsense Ads Below Post title in Blogger.
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